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Please note!
If you are browsing this website considering the purchase of any Pasture Shelter, or Mare Motel, please read this:

There are a few companies out there selling inferior knockoffs of real EQ-Wine products. To cut their costs, those businesses are selling their covers with only 10-foot posts (unlike EQ-Wine products with minimum 12-foot posts). These competitors are new to this field and appear to be more interested in maximizing their short-term profits than selling a product safe for your horses. When a pasture shelter or Mare Motel is installed, the Uniform Building Code (adopted by almost all municipalities and counties) requires that all posts be sunk into the ground at least 30 inches (i.e. 2.5 feet) and set with concrete.

Once installed, these knockoffs have only 6' 10" of clearance, from the ground to the bottom of covers's cross beams. That is not enough head clearance and it is INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS FOR HORSES! Horses will throw their head up, and strike the low parts of the cover, with the likelihood of causing serious injury to themselves. EQ-Wine has always sold covers with a minimum of 12-foot high posts! When our 12-foot posts are put into the ground, you will have 8'10" of clearance. This clearance is necessary for the horses' safety and is the accepted standard in the industry!

Please note: We always use heavy duty 14 gauge posts for Mare Motels, RV Covers, range cattle shelters, and on any structure over 12' tall. DO NOT let anyone try to tell you that regular 16 ga. posts are OK for these types of structures! Your safety, and the safety of your animals and property is a primary concern, keep this in mind...

If you make your decision to buy a pasture shelter or Mare Motel based on saving a few dollars on your purchase, your horses may be seriously injured!
EQ-Wine Covers Co. has been in this business for years. We hope that our experience will save you and your horses the pain of "learning the hard way."