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Rain or Shine, You're Covered!


18'x18' shelter, with one side, and a back. This model uses three purlins, and 7 posts, to provide attachment points for horizontal siding. The use of metal siding is fine for well mannered horses. If you are using a shelter for younger horses, or stallions, we recommend the wood siding featured on the following pages. The wood siding is a little more forgiving, and holds up better to rough use.


Three sided enclosure, 24' wide x 36' deep, 12' tall. Two full sized pontoon boats fit in here. Just about any size enclosure can be built.


36' x 18' three sided building. Horizontal siding is the fast, easy way to go. No need for girts to support siding, just attach right to posts, add corner trims, and you're done!


72' x 24' three sided Ag building, built with 16' long posts, set about 2 1/2' deep with concrete.


You can add siding to any kit, either horizontaly, or verticaly as shown. Call us for a quote on any size and style you need. Colored roofing and siding are also available.


All types of sided structures can be built. Call us with your specs, and we'll get you a quote right away!


A 24' x'24' three sided building will hold a lot! Inside this unit there is: a New Holland hay baler, a 9' hay rake, a 6' brush hog mower, an 8' scraper blade, a 7' landscape rake, an 8' disc, an 8' road grader, and misc. tools. All items are now out of the weather, and will look good for years...


Another view of building described at left.


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