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Rain or Shine, You're Covered!


    Our 18' x 18' four post carport / pasture shelter.  All galvanized, and easy to assemble.


Side view of the kit shown at left.


Many wineries use our covers for seasonal storage of bins and barrels. Using our modular system, any size cover can be built to suit your needs, and budget.


The most affordable hay barn around, our 18' x18', for just $995! 


18'x18' Six post kit. Ready for future application of siding.


Here two 18' x 18' units have been placed together, making a 36' wide x 18' deep shelter. When you link them together side by side for a seamless, waterproof roof, you need only six posts total. Call us for details!


Keep your expensive equipment looking new! If you want sides on a building, check out our wood siding, and metal siding pages for many more photos.

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 We can help you get all of your "best friends" protected from the sun and rain!